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Massage Frequently Asked Questions:

The Quiet Massage studio is located in NW Santa Rosa, CA (no out-call services). Address will be given when scheduling.

Available 10 AM to 7:00 PM  daily, by appointment only.

Below are some frequently asked questions... please send an e-mail if you have questions that are not answered here.
Professional, Relaxing Studio
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relaxing spa and massage studio
Shower Available
shower available
 1. What should I expect on my first appointment?

First time clients will be ask to schedule online. Be sure to disclose any illness, injuries or body issues you may be having. This will help to fit the massage to your needs. Once your intake questionnaire has been received, you will get a confirmation with the contact information for your massage.

Personal hygiene is very important. To prepare yourself for the massage, a hot bath or shower, just prior to your massage, is helpful. Hot water, especially steam, tends to loosen up the muscles and prepares the skin. There is a shower available here if you would like to use it before or after your massage.

I will supply clean linens, a professional table, music and quality scent-free oil and lotions. You should expect to be very relaxed during and after your massage.
2. When & how often should I get a massage?

Any time is a good time to get a massage! You don't need to wait until you're stressed or injured. Massage works wonders as preventive care for a person's body and mind. Instead of waiting until your back hurts from overwork or stress, or the headaches that start at the back of your skull begin to pound, or the stress of everyday life makes you want to pop your cork, get a massage before these things happen.

A regular massage is a wonderful way to cope with stress, both physical and emotional, and to keep if from causing discomfort or harm to your body. Ask about discounts for frequent massages.

    Massage can promote:
  • Emotional Balance
  • Relaxation
  • Physical Healing
  • Improved Mobility
  • Pain Relief
  • Detoxification
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Circulation
  • Improved Sleeping Patterns
  • Stress Reduction
  • Increased Productivity
3. When should I NOT get a massage?

There are several contraindications for receiving a massage. If you have any of the following conditions, you should not get a massage:
  • Fever
  • Any type of infectious disease
  • Systemic infections
  • Severe cold
  • Fracture, bleeding, burns or other acute injury
  • Liver and kidney diseases
  • Blood clot
  • Diabetes, toxemia, preeclampsia/eclampsia
  • High blood pressure (unless under control with medication)
  • Heart disease
  • Some forms of cancer (ask your doctor)
  • Open skin lesions or sores
The guidelines here are pretty straightforward. You don't want the massage to make an underlying medical condition worse, and you don't want to pass anything contagious to the person giving your massage. If you're unsure about whether a minor condition should prohibit you from getting a massage, contact your doctor before scheduling an appointment.

If you have a chronic medical condition, check with your doctor before proceeding on a course of bodywork or massage. If you have an allergy to any oils or lotions (or cats), you should let me know. Please volunteer information if there is anything that I should know.
4. Should I talk during the massage?

Most people like to relax quietly during their massage. Feel free to close your eyes and relax, which is what most people do.

However; be sure to speak up if:
  • the room is too hot or too cold
  • you experience pain or ANY discomfort
  • you have any questions related to the massage
  • any part of the massage makes you uncomfortable
  • there's anything you forgot to mention during the consultation
5. Will I be completely nude when I get a massage?

Most people prefer to be completely nude, while some prefer to wear an undergarment during a massage. It's up to you and what you are most comfortable with.

If you do remove your underwear, I can ensure that you feel comfortable by covering you with a sheet or blanket, uncovering only the area being massaged.

All services are non sexual.  Ron offers non judgmental straight, bisexual, and LGBT friendly services.
6. More about yourself... what type of massage do you do?

I am located in NW Santa Rosa, I work out of my home where I have a warm, fully equipped massage studio.

I have been practicing massage for about 10 years in the same location. I am a California Certified Massage Therapist. You can view online videos of the massage and spa treatments to see my style of massage and treatments.

If you have a questions not answered here, please email your question to me and I will get back to you right away.
Massage Therapist - Ron, CMT - Santa Rosa, CA
7. What are your massage rates?
  • 30 min. = $39 back and neck only
  • 60 min. = $80 therapeutic massage
  • 75 min. = $90 therapeutic massage
  • 90 min. = $100 w/optional Ashiatsu & stretching
  • longer appointments may be requested
See the home page for all pricing and special discounts. Visit the services page for spa treatment pricing.

NOTE: There is a fee of 50% of your scheduled appointment if you don't show up for your appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice.
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Quiet Massage, warm professional studio - Santa Rosa, CA
Quiet Massage, shower available - Santa Rosa, CA
 8. Do I tip for my massage, in addition to the hourly cost?

Tipping the person giving your massage is completely up to you. If you get a massage at a spa or hotel, a 20% tip is standard if you were pleased with the services. (When I receive tips, it helps me to keep my regular prices lower for everyone.)

While tipping is always appreciated; you can also show your appreciation by referring friends, family, and co-workers to Quiet Massage.
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