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Manscaping - Men's Personal Body Grooming in Santa Rosa, CA - $40 up

manscaping beforemanscaping chest and arms, before & after and after
Some guys might ask, "You want me to trim WHAT?"... Trimming the hair on the chest, back, and pubic area is known today as "manscaping" or "body grooming." Why bother? There are several good reasons for keeping your manly thatch neatly trimmed, besides the fact that it looks & feels good.

If you have ever tried manscaping yourself, you know that the back, and other areas, can be difficult to reach. You can come to Quiet Massage to get some help so you don't have to do it yourself.
manscaping, body trimming, grooming for men
  • Some of the most common body parts that are associated with body odor include hair, feet, groin, skin, armpits, genitals & pubic hair. Keep the hair off, or short, and body odor is greatly reduced. Regular body grooming is a good thing.
  • Keeping a neatly trimmed chest, back, shoulders, and pubic area will make you smell fresher, appear cleaner and send the message that you care about grooming.
    • Trimmed body hair will keep you cooler in warm weather. Trust me; summer is not "sweater weather."
    • Your body's musculature and shape are enhanced when the body hair is well groomed.
    Women have been shaving everything they can find for centuries... but men shouldn't go to that extreme. Men are hairy and should stay that way. It's one of the things that make us men. That doesn't mean we can't be well groomed men.

    According to Philips Norelco, maker of the Body Groom trimmer, more than 50% of all men between the ages of 20 and 49 groom their bodies. Before you decide to pick up the trimmers and start mowing, please consider these 5 guidelines for body grooming.
    manscape waxing back and shoulders for men
    Back & Shoulders:  The back & shoulders should be smooth, the front should not. Most of us don't like a hairy back and shoulders, so keep them shaved or waxed smooth.
    trimming chest, arms, arm pits for men
    Chest & Stomach:  Conversely, the chest should be neatly trimmed, but not shaved or waxed. Stay away from razors or waxes on the chest. Did you learn nothing from The 40 Year Old Virgin?
    waxing manscaping mens pubic hair
    Pubic Area: "Frank and The Boys" need a haircut, or waxing. Give your private parts a Brazilian wax (Brozilian wax), or keep neatly trimmed, to maintain order and give the illusion that there is a larger tree in the forest.
    manscaping eye brows
    Eye Brows:  Eyebrows should look natural, keeping them trimmed of stray hairs. Make sure they don't look sculpted. You should have two eyebrows. If not, see your stylist and have them separated.
    wax or trim hair in nose and ears
    Ears & Nose:  Ears should be hair free. Have them waxed or have your barber or stylist trim them for you. Keep a good ear and nose hair trimmer at home for touch-ups between visits. The same rule applies for the nose.
    manscaping waxing and hair trimming for men
    Everything Else:  A little light trimming of the under arms, and other places is fine, just make sure you leave them natural looking. Unless you're a competitive swimmer or cyclist, arms and legs can be left a little hairy.

    Manscaping Videos:

    These videos show Ron doing actual treatments in the Quiet Massage studio
    Visit the Quiet Massage YouTube channel to see Brazilian wax manscaping videos
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