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awarded 2015 best of massage therapist Santa Rosa, CA

Awarded Best Massage Therapist 2015-2017, Santa Rosa, CA

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Testimonials from clients:

I really stumbled upon a good one here (using Google). I was looking for a local massage therapist as a solution to the hours I spend sitting at a desk, and a long daily commute to the South Bay which makes me tense, tired and just whipped.

I sent an online appointment request at the last minute, and was lucky to get him. I feel so much better. The pressure was perfect, everything was soothing and comfortable - even the room looked professionally arranged to be calm. Heated towels are indeed a nice touch.

Thank you Ron. I really appreciated the quality of this Sonoma treat. I'm a new client who can't wait to return!

     -PJ, Santa Rosa, CA
I am a cosmetologist and work in a spa and must say that you go way beyond what I was taught to do with a "facial". I LOVE giving facials and waxing and get a lot of clients liking how I do them. Boy are they in for a surprise when I practice what you do and apply it to my services!! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

     -KA, San Francisco, CA
Truly a great massage! I drove up to checkout the new Rohnert Park casino, Graton Resort and Casino. After 3-4 hours of being elbow to elbow with people, I needed a break! I searched on my iPhone for a place to get a massage and found Quiet Massage.  I booked an hour massage, and I'm glad I did! I went back to the casino feeling great and had a whole new outlook. I think my luck was even better :)

The massage I got with Ron was a great massage. Next time I might drive up for a massage & facial, and forget the casino. That would be a much healthier way to invest my money and more enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours... Thanks Ron!

     -ST, Belmont, CA
Hi Ron, I thought you did a very excellent job as a masseuse. I have gotten a lot of massages in the past and I would honestly have to say that yours was one of the best. You targeted the areas in my back that needed it and I felt much better after I left. You also have made the room very calming to be in and the music was good too. If I could afford it right now, I would definitely come more often! I will be coming to you in the future. Thank you.

     -KM, Rohnert Park, CA
Ron, thank you for a wonderful massage and facial. The massage was way beyond my expectations and I must say probably the best I have ever had. I felt totally rejuvenated especially with having lower back problems all week. I feel much better the day after and I know it is all due to your caring soothing hands - and feet I must add. Also the facial was simply the best and between the massage and facial my drive back to Sonoma was very relaxing and rewarding. Thanks again Ron and I will see you soon.

     -RB, Sonoma, CA
I'm pleasantly surprised... I always take "testimonials" with a grain of salt when I read them on someone’s website. After my first massage with Ron I can see that the testimonials on the Quiet Massage website are true and not exaggerated... Thanks Ron for a great massage! I can't wait to come back to you when I'm ready for my next massage. I may even try your facial. If it's half as good as the massage it will be great. THANKS AGAIN!

     -CK, San Rafael, CA
I workout 3-4x per week, and try to get a massage about once a month (+/-).  When I came across the Quiet Massage web site I was pleased to see the massage video of the guy getting a massage. I’ve had some bad experiences when trying new massage therapists, but decided that the video looked like a good massage and that the therapist knew what he was doing so I scheduled a massage with Ron.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the actual massage I got EVEN BETTER than what was portrayed in the video.  I would highly recommend Ron.  I will certainly be back... Thanks Ron!

     -TS, Santa Rosa, CA
I just had my first massage with Ron and it was the best massage that I have ever experienced.  Ron is a very intuitive massage therapist and his deep tissue massage is very thorough and relaxing as well.  As a massage therapist myself, I know great  intuitive technique and skill when I see them, and Ron possesses both.  He made me feel very comfortable during the massage and focused my massage on the specific muscle issues that I was experiencing. 

His massage room, which is located in his home, is very warm and inviting, and I immediately felt relaxed as I entered this sanctuary.  His deep tissue massage with stretching was just what I needed, and even though I live across the country in South Carolina, I will definitely be back to visit Ron every time that I visit northern California.  Ron was even nice enough to devote a few minutes of my 90 minute massage to Ashiatsu, so that I could experience this technique.  Next time, I may just have to get the full treatment in Ashiatsu massage.  I recommend him highly to anyone looking for a great massage from an intuitive therapist.

     -DH, Gray Court, SC
I would call Ron's massage one of the best massages I've ever had.  Ron combined patient strokes with a healer's intuition in reading and interpreting my body.  Ron's every move seemed well informed, and I was beyond pleased both during the massage and after.  The massage space was beautifully adorned and Ron was an incredibly hospitable, warm host.  I truly look forward to the next massage and I recommend him highly.

     -LJ, Berkeley, CA
As an athlete, finding a great massage therapist is hard.  Ron really brings his magic hands to the table.  With his experience and adept skills, Ron helps me release lot of tension from shoulder, back, and thighs. Thank you very much Ron for always delivering your best.  I always feel relaxed after each session and get ready for the next games.

     -JT, San Francisco, CA
I also do massage and like to treat myself to massages by different therapist monthly. I have to say your massage is one of the best around.  From the relaxing environment you've created down to the warm towels and especially your touch, everything was great. One of the best massages I have experienced in the North Bay!

     -MW, Santa Rosa, CA
Ron,  What a wonderful touch you have.  I've gotten massages for many years and I must say your massage is one of the best.  I echo the remarks made by your previous clients and their reviews...  Therapeutic and thoroughly enjoyable.  I feel blessed to have found you.  Namaste.

     -AL, Oakland, CA
Thanks, Ron. That was truly one of the best massages I've ever had. I appreciate all the skill and sensitivity you 'brought to the table'. . . an amazing combination of bliss & relaxing. I'm still on Cloud 9. Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks.

     -CL, Healdsburg, CA
What a great experience... everything from the comfortable heated table, nice music and the warm blanket at the end! You are a really nice guy with a very intuitive touch. I've seen quite a few different massage therapist over the years and you rank among the best.  I've enjoyed all of my massages with you over the past year.

     -GM, Santa Rosa, CA
I just got home from a wonderful massage with you and wanted to drop you a note while you’re on my mind. First off; when I schedule my massage online, or send an email, I want to say how impressed I am that I get a reply within about 10min. Even when I had to call once you answered the phone. Most massage therapists I’ve dealt with are not that responsive. I drive 45 min. each way for my 90 min. massage, and I think it’s completely worth it. On the way to the massage I am thinking about how nice the massage will be. On the drive home I reflect on just how wonderful my massage actually was.

Your massage has just the right touch and pressure so that when the massage is over I feel completely rejuvenated! I have had four massages with you now and I’m already looking forward to my next massage!  Thank You!!

     -JE, San Rafael, CA
Despite your busy schedule, thank you for squeezing in one more session to take me. Reasonable rates, impeccable studio, great skill! The comfort, relaxing & therapeutic experience and professionalism are more than good reasons to seek your service again.

     -RC, Santa Rosa, CA
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My first massage with Ron, and it was exactly what I needed.  A relaxing and healing experience!  I appreciated the hot, moist towel he used when working on my neck--and the overall pressure was just right.

I noticed a couple of areas that had been a bit sore (lower back, for example) felt better after he did some stretching and manipulation of other parts; it helped me appreciate how what feels tender can actually be relieved by working on different parts of the body rather than on the specific area itself.  Good job!  I'll be going back...

     -SP, Santa Rosa, CA
I have been going to Quiet Massage every month for about a year and half now. And I will continue to go for long as I can. Ron has the ability to incorporate many different styles. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a soothing massage or to work on certain issues as we age. He is the best.

     -GB, Santa Rosa, CA
I moved to Santa Rosa from Rohnert Park and needed to find a massage therapist locally. Lucky for me, my first attempt was a success! Ron is a very talented CMT. I have chronic neck pain, and I often experience muscle soreness from training martial arts. Ron's technique is very intuitive to how the body works, and he uses elements of physical therapy when working on my neck. My pain has already decreased significantly since I started seeing him a month back. He suggested that I try Ashiatsu, and I am so glad I did! I was pleasantly surprised with his technique, he is very mindful when applying the perfect amount of pressure to my muscles. Overall, I am very happy and would recommend him to anyone!

     -KS, Rohnert Park, CA
It had been way too long since my last visit to Ron - I had been so busy the past year taking care of my partner newly diagnosed with parkinsons, I had not made an appointment in over a year.  The hour spent with Ron yesterday was by far one of the best spent hours of my life.  Every nerve in my body was tingling to be getting such wonderful attention and care.  I laughed out loud, i wanted to sing, i wanted to get up and dance!  It was such a good reminder of that mind body connection - I didn't realize how much tension my body was holding until Ron helped release it.  I've been to several bodyworkers - he is by far the best!

     -DH, Santa Rosa, CA
My introduction to Quiet Massage was via a gift certificate I received from a friend. I had developed a pain in my neck that made it hard for me to look over my left shoulder when changing lanes on the freeway. After one session with Ron, that problem was gone and has never returned! Over the intervening years that I have been going monthly for a treatment, he has helped me with pre-"charley horse" problems in my calves, and with advice on occasional muscle or ache issues, always with excellent results.

Ron's place is inviting, with a very friendly cat, immaculate bath and treatment room, and plenty of parking. Ron himself is thoroughly professional, courteous, as chatty as you want him to be, and he always checks in with you before starting to learn if there is anything special that you want him to attend to that day.

One of the highlights for me is the warmed oversized bath towel that he covers you with at the end of the massage...pure luxury!  I had had a few massages at professional spas, and Ron's outdoes those by a long shot. I am a great fan and look forward to many more sessions in the years to come.

     -JJ, Santa Rosa, CA
The best massage I have ever had! I found Ron and Quiet Massage through yelp and I am so happy that I did. I woke up this morning desperate for a massage and knew my only option was to get one this morning or else have to wait til the weekend. So I started searching through the site hoping to find someone reasonably priced with a last minute morning appointment available. I read through other reviews on here which all sounded really awesome so I went to the website and was pleased to learn that I could book an appointment online! It was almost 9am and I was able to book a same day 10:30 appt. I received an e-mail confirmation from Ron with directions within a few minutes.

Quiet Massage is based out of Ron's home which I felt made for a much more relaxing environment. He is very professional and has a very calming demeanor. I never felt rushed which was nice. I work in a kitchen and stand on my feet for 8-14 hours a day so I had a lot of shoulder and neck kinks to work out. He really took the time to work on problem spots and used a good amount of pressure to relieve that tension while still giving an enjoyable massage. It was truly wonderful and I will definitely be going back as well as telling all my friends.

     -CC, Santa Rosa, CA
I work in the fitness industry, and woke up with sore muscles after an intense class the night before. I was in the market to find a regular massage therapist and was going through yelp reviews when I came across Quiet Massage. I had been to a couple of therapists in the area as well as day spas, all of which were good but not enough to keep me coming back.

I was able to schedule an appointment on the same day which was a huge plus! He works out of his home, which might make someone hesitant. However, he has done a great job at creating a professional, clean, and comfortable atmosphere. He is personable and honest, and I felt at ease right away.

The massage was perfect. He was sensitive to my needs, and made sure that the pressure was comfortable. Additionally, he does ashiatsu which I was not familiar with. But it was incredible. Be sure to watch the video on his site (I did not and didn't know what to expect), but the video doesn't quite do it justice. It is great for those that like deep pressure massages.

Lastly, on top of a great experience, he is affordable. Massages aren't cheap and you don't always get what you pay for. But I definitely felt like I got more than expected.

     -HL, Santa Rosa, CA
I have been a client of Ron's for a couple of years now and have always experienced a great, relaxing massage.  I am a senior citizen with a few medical issues and Ron has always been helpful and understanding in responding to my needs. His massages surpasses any that I have had in the past at very reasonable prices. 

His studio and environment is immaculate and I have always felt comfortable and at ease. His website explains everything that you may need to know about his services, and making appointments and payments are a snap. You will be well pleased with your massage and it's after- effects.  I highly recommend him.

     -FT, Santa Rosa, CA
This guy has it figured out: Immaculate, peaceful space/environment; top-notch products; varied range of reasonably priced services; and true expertise. I do not live in the area, but come here monthly.

     -SS, Laguna Beach, CA
I found Quiet massage online.  I stand all day and have shoulder problems too. Ron is great! Professional, polite, accommodating. quiet!, (don't like chatty massage therapists.). The space is so clean and I trust Ron.  In have had facials too. Very nice.  Can't wait to book again. Love his online reservation system.!!

     -KO, Petaluma, CA
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